My name is Ruth Cassetta-Keefe, a licensed massage therapist with ten years experience and a history in nursing. The start of my education in healthcare began at Pima Community College in Tucson where I earned my LPN. Eight years later attending  The Desert Institute of Healing Arts (now the Cortiva Institute) to study massage, Shiatsu and Reiki. It was my good fortune to live in an area with a school ranked in the top ten for massage and to incorporate  eastern medical theory into my studies. I hold an Arizona state license for massage and certifications for Shiatsu and Reiki Level II.

During my nursing career I worked primarily with people at the end of their life in Oncology, Hospice and Longterm Care. That is what prompted my career change; I wanted to help people stay well. Massage plays an important role in achieving and maintaining health and wellness.

My primary practice is for the management of pain and injury but certainly value the relaxation that massage brings and its importance in health maintenance. I also highly encourage nutrtional responsibility and look forward to helping people improve their health and vitality.


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